Leading the Fight Against Childhood Obesity

SLAM Fitness is a non-profit organization leading the fight in childhood obesity in and out of the classroom through free fitness videos, workout sessions, nutrition lesson, and much more. The focus of this SLAM is to provide 15-30 minute videos and physical wellness subject matter to ALL classrooms daily. This will provide each student an opportunity to complete state mandated activities within the instructional day.

Each SLAM session will include a variety of weekly activities including: Strength Training, Stretching, Nutrition, Balance, and daily lesson plans for teachers. Each session will be performed at different schools and students will be used to promote wellness and motivation for the country.

If you or your organization would like to donate to our cause, contact us today as it would be greatly appreciated. Our goal is to be able to give thousands of children an opportunity to have a SLAM instructor visit their school and lead them in an exciting, invigorating workout. SLAM hopes to motivate our youth and take them to an all new level emotionally and physically. Thank you for your support.

Slam Fitness in Action at Enon Elementary